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  4. Security reports
  5. They talk about us
  6. Stickers, T-shirts, mugs, and more

IRC channels

If you need help, or want to help others by answering questions they might have, #thelounge is our official IRC channel on Libera.Chat ( on a secure connection).

Click here to join it using our demo

Additionally, a few community-operated channels let you chat in a language you are more comfortable:

Let us know if you wish to help operating a language-specific channel!

If your question cannot be answered on the IRC channels above, feel free to browse existing questions on Stack Overflow or ask a new question.

Our OpenCollective was an overwhelming success, and as such we no longer need donations for the foreseeable future! The collective will remain open while funds are still available, but please do not contribute to it.

We thank our existing backers who have contributed various amounts of money in order to help support The Lounge:

Contribute to the project

Our contributing guide contains all the details you need to report an issue or contribute to the code.

Make sure to browse the other projects in our GitHub organization as well as other related projects from the community that might need your help.

Security reports

Security-related issues follow a dedicated process that is highlighted in our Responsible Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities. Do not publicly report security vulnerabilities.

They talk about us

On 16 May 2018, Al McKinlay and Jérémie Astori presented The Lounge on the 484th episode of FLOSS Weekly (1h05). Here is a quick preview:

Some additional articles and tutorials:

Stickers, T-shirts, mugs, and more

Request a free sticker pack here. They go on a first come, first served basis, so no promises!

Horizontal sticker Square sticker with inverted colors Vertical sticker Magnet with inverted colors

Check out our branded apparel and accessories available in our shop on Threadless:

White t-shirt with The Lounge logo Black mug with inverted The Lounge logo Grey baby bodysuit with The Lounge logo Smoke zip-up hoodie with inverted The Lounge logo