The Command API lets you add new commands.


#add(commandText: string, command: Object)

Registers a new command for users on the lounge.

commandText is what the users will type after /, and command is the command object.

Attributes of command:

input: Function
The implementation of the command, see the arguments below:
allowDisconnected: Boolean
If true this command can be execute when the client isn’t connected.

Arguments of a command:

client: PublicClient
The client API
target: Object is the network this command was run in, target.chan the corresponding channel.
command: String
The command name (lowercase).
args: Array of String
The arguments the command was executed with.


const helloWorldCommand = {
    input: function (client, target, command, args) {
        if(args.length === 0) {
            client.sendMessage("Hello World", target.chan);
        } else {
            client.sendMessage("Hello " + args[0], target.chan);
    allowDisconnected: true
module.exports = {
    onServerStart: api => {
        api.Commands.add("helloworld", helloWorldCommand);