Send CTCP commands with The Lounge

CTCP commands are special messages that can be sent to a channel or other clients. Servers do not interpret their content, as it is the role of the receiving client to do so.

In fact, you might have used a CTCP command without knowing it. In The Lounge and most IRC clients, sending /me says hello world actually sends the CTCP ACTION command with says hello world as a parameter. It is then interpreted by clients to display it in the way you are familiar with.

With The Lounge, you can send a CTCP command by sending messages starting with /ctcp. If you are sending requests to other users using The Lounge, here are the currently implemented ones:

  • /ctcp <nick> version returns something along the lines of VERSION thelounge v3.0.0 --
  • /ctcp <nick> source returns SOURCE git+
  • /ctcp <nick> ping foo returns PING foo

The Lounge does not support all CTCP commands, such as DCC.

To learn more about CTCP, this document is a great reference, more technical and in-depth than this high-level guide.