Override network defaults in the URL

In public mode only, it is possible to pre-load the form to connect to a server with custom values based on the URL.

For example, the URL https://demo.thelounge.chat/?join=foo,bar will offer the user to connect to the default server and immediately joining the channels #foo and #bar.

The following URL parameters can be used to override the fields of the Connect form:

  • name
  • host
  • port
  • tls
  • rejectUnauthorized
  • nick
  • username
  • password
  • realname
  • join or channels

Note that when the lockNetwork setting is set to true, the keys host, port, and rejectUnauthorized have no effect. When the displayNetwork setting is set to false, the name key has no effect.

When using the comma-separated join or channels keys, alphanumeric sequences will be prefixed with #. For example, ?join=foo fills the form field with #foo.